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Re: [v8] multi-executable support


I finally had some time to read through the lengthy threads for this.
I'll confess that I didn't look at the code much because I'm starved
for time and I trust you implicitly. I just looked at the discussions
and the resulting UI that you now propose.

I like the UI, and the concepts behind it. I did a careful reading of
the introductory comment in progspace.h and it's great that you took
the time to provide such a detailed introduction.  I'm planning on
extending it to discuss the VxWorks case :-).

Just a few nits: There is at least one location where I noticed some
"#if 0"'ed code, and I just told one of the contributors that we'd
like to avoid this sort of thing.  Can it be removed, or should we
really be keeping that piece of commented out code.  We usually use
FIXMEs instead.

In the documentation:

    +(@value{GDBP}) clone-inferior
    +Added inferior 2.
    +1 inferiors added.

This is really nit-picking, but when adding 1 inferior, should we have
a special message that does not say "inferiors" (plural). I usually
don't care much about this sort of detail, but for some reason, it
seems to matter to me in this case.

I am very impressed with the level of functionality that this patch
is bringing to GDB, and I look forward to seeing it part of GDB.

Just a personal request: If you commit the patch before Saturday,
could you just give me a heads up. I just want to make sure that
I can get a checkout of the sources before you apply your patch.
I think that the patch is going to break our VxWorks port, and I think
that fixing it will require a bit of thoughts and time.  So if I can
do a resync of the AdaCore sources up to before your patch, that'll
give me a little more time.


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