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Re: [PING] About score-tdep commit

> My fault, I didn't post my patch to gdb-patches, next time
> I'll do this.

I would prefer if you deleted the code completely, instead of commenting
it out.  We're still cleaning up dead code that was commented-out years
ago.  If someone needs the code back, it's very easy to get it back from
a previous version of that file.  Can you do that cleanup, please?

Note that we've occasionally commented out code like this, but there
should be a comment explaining why the code was commented out, and we
should have a plan to address the issue in the short to medium term.
Even then, I still think that commenting code out is usually wrong.

> >   This commit is only in main branch, shouldn't this also be
> >   included in gdb 7.0 branch as it removes code that is surely
> >   broken in the branch?
> Yes, it should be. Should I write this change to 7.0 branch (looks
> like I can't write to this branch) or other one will do this?

If you don't mind, can you do the commit? However, please do not
commit the change as you made it on Sept 27th.  Instead, do the
cleanup I suggested above, and commit both patches on the branch,
or a merged version of both patches.

Thank you,

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