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Re: [PATCH] Add xgetbv/xsetbv instructions support for precord.

> Sorry, but I don't know how to verify it, please help me with it. When
> I ran 'make check', it displayed some 'FAIL' messages even before my
> patch, and I noticed runtest uses
> /usr/share/dejagnu/baseboards/unix.exp, which is not given by
>  How to use
> runtest to test precord.exp only?

I will let Michael and Hui explain to you how to use the special
board file precord.exp.

The FAILs are expected, as is simply impossible to mark all failures
for all platforms.  There are too many variables, such as your compiler,
your kernel, etc etc etc.  So what you need to do is run the testsuite
before and after your patch, saving the contents of gdb.sum after the
first run, and then do a comparison of the two files, to make sure
that your patch did not cause any unexpected change.  Some tests are
a little unpredictable, and cause you to see some apparent regressions
that may not be caused by your patch. You'll have to use your judgement
in these cases.

> No, I don't have an FSF  assignment on file, but I'd like to. How to
> have an FSF assignment on file?

I'll send you the form to fill in and send to the FSF immediately.


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