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Re: [RFC] Make "directories" a variable

>>>>> "Doug" == Doug Evans <> writes:

Doug> I like the addition of "set directories mumble", but that's just me,
Doug> and I know better than to be wedded to it. :-)

This part is totally fine by me.  I can't imagine ever actually using
it -- but that is true for any number of already existing parameters :)

Doug> Tom suggested in IRC returning a list in python.
Doug> I don't have a strong opinion on that either,
Doug> it's trivial for the user to work with either form.

There are three reasons I think a python list is better.

1. It conforms more nicely to Python programmer expectations and is
   simply a better API.  This really is a list.
2. Most uses of this parameter will want to use the list form, not the
   string form.
3. If it is a string, then most users will have to write Python code to
   unpack and interpret it.  This is bad because some list elements
   require special treatment, the string is formatted differently on
   different hosts, etc.


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