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Re: [patch 2/4] Fix hw watchpoints: reordered / simultaneously hit [fixup #1]

> Still I would like to get accepted first the watchpoints set and the
> cleanups can get in later, the watchpoints were first posted for FSF
> GDB on 14 Oct 2007.

We can definitely work on that, although it's very slow going because
I'm actually learning everything that you must have been learning when
you first started looking at the issues.  However, my concern about
postponing this cleanup is that we might forget about it as soon as
this patch set is included. And even if we don't, we might forget about
this workaround that we're adding right now.

My suggestion, instead of wrapping that one call to
target_stopped_by_watchpoint was to turn that macro into a function which
does the wrapping for you, before it eventually calls the target_ops method.
I cannot find the linux_nat_stopped_data_address that you are refering to,
not even in the patches you sent so I don't know if it's affecting my
suggestion or not.


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