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Re: [patch/rfc] mi interpreter-complete enh req 8058.

On Sat, Oct 3, 2009 at 5:12 PM, Nick Roberts <> wrote:
> ?> Thanks, I had missed this CLI command somehow, it will work for now,
> ?> ideally i would like it not to be going directly to stdout like that
> ?> output infers, I guess i could change the output filehandle, when
> ?> executing this command until it finishes,
> I'm not sure what you mean. ?Everything goes to stdout but you can
> eliminate the LOG-STREAM-OUTPUT (prefixed by `&') by using
> -interpreter-exec:
> (gdb)
> -interpreter-exec console "complete b ma"
> ~"b main\n"
> ~"b malloc\n"
> ~"b malloc@plt\n"
> ^done
> (gdb)

I meant the ~"b main\n" etc,

"~" string-output
    The console output stream contains text that should be displayed
in the CLI console window. It contains the textual responses to CLI

I would like this output not to go to the CLI console window, but to a
new window or a new tab, which switches back to the console window
upon hitting 'enter', but is also a list control,allowing you to
select the tab completion result with the mouse or entering it by
hand, using the complete CLI command means monkeying around at the MI
parser level, parsing the string output based on the command executed.

anyhow, complete CLI command will suffice for now.

> ?> so that the output history
> ?> isn't filled with this temporal information which always bothers me...
> You can use the server prefix to suppress commands being entered into
> the command history.

ahh, sorry i didn't mean that history, I meant the 'CLI console output
stream', but noted.

> ?> additionally its worth noting the patch screws this output up.
> Does that not show up in the testsuite?

no, it looks like additional unwanted output when executing the
complete command, the output being tested for is still there so the
tests still pass i gather.

> What front end are you working on?

one which doesn't really have any tangible existence  I just saw this
on the bugzilla, and taking a break from other patches...

initially trying to do a faithful reproduction of the CLI, then then
augmenting it with some gui stuff, but mainly keeping the console
roots, no built in editor or fancy stuff.

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