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Re: [patch/rfc] mi interpreter-complete enh req 8058.

Tom Tromey writes:
 > >>>>> "Matt" == Matt Rice <> writes:
 > Matt> Attached is a patch i've ported from Apple's gdb...
 > Matt> it implements a tab-completion like function for MI
 > Matt>
 > Matt> I figured I would post a basic port of the patch for discussion,
 > Matt> before doing to much to it.
 > Thanks.

PR 8058 goes back to 2003.  I don't see the need for MI to duplicate all of
the CLI functionality.  Emacs just uses the CLI command "complete" which is
clearly just intended for front end use:

complete b ma
&"complete b ma\n"
~"b main\n"
~"b malloc\n"
~"b malloc@plt\n"

The lisp function, gud-gdb-complete-command. is bound to TAB to it works
in the GUD buffer (Emacs' console) just as it does on the command line.

 > ...
 > Matt> -interpreter-complete console "b ma"
 > Matt> ^done,completions=[c="main",c="malloc",c="malloc@plt"]
 > It is weird to see all those useless "c=" strings in there :-)

Well, if they are going to be present, could we please stick to the syntax
suggested in the manual:

    `TUPLE ==>'
         ` "{}" | "{" RESULT ( "," RESULT )* "}" '


   * New GDB/MI commands should only output LISTS containing VALUES.

So either





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