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Re: symbolic debug of loadable modules with kgdb light


> > +2009-10-01  Kazuyoshi Caz Yokoyama  <>
> > +
> > +	* remote.c (interrupt_sequence_control_c)
> > +	(interrupt_sequence_break, interrupt_sequence_sysrq_g)
> > +	(interrupt_sequence_modes): New constants.
> > +	(interrupt_sequence_mode, interrupt_on_connect): New variable.
> > +	(show_interrupt_sequence): New function.
> > +	(set_remotebreak, show_remotebreak): New function.
> > +	(send_interrupt_sequence): New function.
> > +	(remote_start_remote): Call send_interrupt_sequence if
> > +	interrupt_on_connect is true.
> > +	(remote_stop_as): Call send_interrupt_sequence.
> > +	(_initialize_remote): Add interrupt-sequence and interrupt-on-connect,
> > +	modify remotebreak to call set_remotebreak and show_remotebreak.

Congratulations. This patch is approved. I will hang on to it in my
local git repository until the paperwork with the FSF is complete.
Let me know when your assignment is on file, and I will commit this
change in for you.  If you think you might contribute other changes
in the future, you are now also eligible for receiving write-after-approval
access to the GDB repository. Let me know if you'd be interested in that.


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