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Re: Fix breakpoints when several source files have the same name


Do you have a copyright assignment on file with the FSF? I cannot
seem to be able to find you in our records, at least not by using
your name. If you don't, then I am afraid that we cannot accept this
contribution until you do. This is a bit of a lengthy process, so
let me know if you need the request forms.

> 2009-10-01  Sebastien Granjoux <>
> 	PR mi/9583:
> 	* symtab.c (find_line_symtab, append_exact_match_to_sals):
> 	Use full filename if available

Overall, this looks OK to me (good catch on the FILENAME_CMP!).
I just have a few comments, little nits:

> +      /* Get symbol full file name if possible */

All comments should be full sentences, meaning that they should start
with capital letter, and end with a period.  The period should also
be followed by 2 spaces, so:

  /* Get symbol full file name if possible.  */

> +	if ((symtab->fullname != NULL)
> +	    && (symtab_to_fullname (s) != NULL)
> +	    && (FILENAME_CMP (symtab->fullname, s->fullname) != 0))

You have unecessary parenthesis, and we avoid that in GDB (we find
that this makes the code harder to read - if only because it uses
a different style than usual).

	if (symtab->fullname != NULL
	    && symtab_to_fullname (s) != NULL
	    && FILENAME_CMP (symtab->fullname, s->fullname) != 0)

> -append_exact_match_to_sals (char *filename, int lineno,
> +append_exact_match_to_sals (char *filename,
> +			    char *fullname, int lineno,
>  			    struct symtabs_and_lines *ret,
>  			    struct linetable_entry **best_item,
>  			    struct symtab **best_symtab)

The function comment needs to be updated. Can you also put all first
3 arguments on the same line. The line break is unnecessary.

> +	  if ((fullname != NULL)
> +	      && (symtab_to_fullname (symtab) != NULL)
> +    	      && (FILENAME_CMP (fullname, symtab->fullname) != 0))
> +    	    continue;		  

Same as above with the extra parens.


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