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Re: symbolic debug of loadable modules with kgdb light

> >> +set remote interrupt-sequence [Ctrl-C | BREAK | SysRq-g]
> >You changed the user interface again, this is really frustrating.
> Sorry for frustrating you. The reason I changed is the following words by
> Eli.

OK - sorry if I snapped a little. I couldn't understand this even after
re-reviewing the previous emails. I think you misunderstood what Eli
said, but I will let him confirm (and re-explain) or deny that.

As I said, either way is fine by me at this point, I just want the
functionality to be there, and the naming is not hugely important
after all. I suggested break-g over SysRq-g because perhaps SysRq
could be implemented through a different character (?).

> >Please use the same conventions for these keys as in the portion you are
> replacing.  >For example, BREAK should be in caps and control-c should be
> spelled Ctrl-C.
> When interrupt sequence is controlled by remotebreak, the user does not need
> to enter strings.  On the other hand, s/he has to specify sequence name on
> "set remote interrupt-sequence". In addition, the sequence name has to be
> same on document and actual command. Therefore, I changed according to Eli.
> Let me know what you want.


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