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Re: Disable gdb.mi environment-pwd tests for remote-host testing

Joseph S. Myers wrote:

> When doing remote-host testing, it is generally necessary that any path
> that is available on the build system and used in testing (the source and
> object directories, in particular) is also available on the host system
> with the same contents (that is, a shared filesystem is used).  In theory
> it is not needed, but most DejaGnu testsuites do not do all the copying
> between build and host systems that is required to work without a shared
> filesystem.
> Although the path must be available on both systems, the canonical form
> may not be the same on both systems (for example, the path on the host may
> be a symlink to a /net automount from the build system, or the host may
> have a different OS using different path conventions).  mi-basics.exp and
> mi2-basics.exp contain tests of environment-pwd which are thus
> inappropriate in the remote-host case, since this command calls getcwd
> which may return a canonical path for the host, not the same as the path
> on the build system.  This patch disables the problematic tests for the
> remote-host case.  OK to commit?

This patch is OK. However, please add a comment in the testcase explaining
why the test is not run for remote host testing -- some condensed form of
the above.


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