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Re: [patch 0/4] Fix hw watchpoints

On Mon, Aug 17, 2009 at 12:45 PM, Jan
Kratochvil<> wrote:
> Hi,
> hw watchpoints currently have multiple issues for various corner cases, such
> as false hits, hits shown by SIGTRAP with no watchpoint printed, crashing
> forked processes, hanging fork etc.
> Regression tested only as a whole patchset on:
> x86_64-fedora11-linux-gnu
> x86_64-fedora11-linux-gnu -m32
> i686-fedora11-linux-gnu
> ppc64-rhel52-linux-gnu
> ? ? ? ?with default ppc target, no regressions but some new FAILs which are
> ? ? ? ?not caused by the new code in these patches
> ia64-rhel53-linux-gnu
> ? ? ? ?no regressions, new FAIL ("hbreak") which is not caused by the new
> ? ? ? ?code in these patches
> s390x-rhel53-linux-gnu
> ? ? ? ?with default s390x target, no regressions, new FAILs, "reorder" is
> ? ? ? ?some pthreads/kernel bug or incompatibility, "watchpoints-hw" is not
> ? ? ? ?caused by the new code in these patches (did not analyze more)
> Patches are incrementally dependent on each other. ?Expecting to check-in all
> of them together, their dependencies may not be strictly incremental. ?The GDB
> looks basically OK / tests OK on their incremental application (for testing).
> While the non-stop mode was regression tested by the GDB testsuite I did not
> consider much how the changes affect it. ?I think some of the fixes are not
> needed for non-stop.
> Thanks,
> Jan

Hi.  Have you looked at whether gdbserver has similar issues?

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