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[patch 0/4] Fix hw watchpoints


hw watchpoints currently have multiple issues for various corner cases, such
as false hits, hits shown by SIGTRAP with no watchpoint printed, crashing
forked processes, hanging fork etc.

Regression tested only as a whole patchset on:
x86_64-fedora11-linux-gnu -m32
	with default ppc target, no regressions but some new FAILs which are
	not caused by the new code in these patches
	no regressions, new FAIL ("hbreak") which is not caused by the new
	code in these patches
	with default s390x target, no regressions, new FAILs, "reorder" is
	some pthreads/kernel bug or incompatibility, "watchpoints-hw" is not
	caused by the new code in these patches (did not analyze more)

Patches are incrementally dependent on each other.  Expecting to check-in all
of them together, their dependencies may not be strictly incremental.  The GDB
looks basically OK / tests OK on their incremental application (for testing).

While the non-stop mode was regression tested by the GDB testsuite I did not
consider much how the changes affect it.  I think some of the fixes are not
needed for non-stop.


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