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Re: submition of i386.record.floating.point.patch

Hi Hui,

I am not sure whether I followed you correctly.
please try to clear the comments in lined below.

> Hi Oza,
> Thanks for your works.? Before I read your patch, I
> have some ideas
> with your RFA:
> 1. Please don't post compress package.? I did it in
> before.? But it's
> not friendly for review.

Oza : Are you suggesting that, I should send the ChangeLog and README and patch separately without compressing it ?

> 2. Post the readme and changelog to the Email body.?
> If you like, post
> the patch to the email body too.? A lof of people like
> it.

Oza : email body is ""
correct ?

> 3.? Maybe you can post some test example to test the
> patch.

Oza : I will post a test example, which could do initial verification for the patch.

> I suggest you re-send a rfa that post most thing to email
> body.? And
> if you want, you can post the url to
> "Support i386 more
> better".

Oza : what is RFA? after posting are you suggesting, that I should change 
the wiki contents ? and post it to "email-body" ?


> Thanks,
> Hui

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