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Re: [RFC] i386/amd64 biarch gdbserver

On Saturday 09 May 2009 20:12:25, Doug Evans wrote:

> This patch implements biarch i386/amd64 gdbserver.

> I haven't done anything with xml target descriptions, but there
> are no regressions so it seems like a good stopping place.

Yeah, this came up on IRC, when I mentioned about gdbserver
multi-process, and debugging 32-bit and 64-bit inferiors
simultaneously.  The x86 and amd64 register sets aren't compatible,
and, we've got a single target_gdbarch to represent the connection, so
this is a problem.  But it's one we can solve on top of this.

> This patch also fixes a bug where current amd64 gdbserver
> doesn't handle xmm[8-15].  Testcase to follow later.
> Tested on
> - i386-linux
> - x86_64-linux with gcc -m64
> - x86_64-linux with gcc -m32 (and hacking site.exp to specify i386-linux)
> using --target_board=native-gdbserver
> [ref]
> Comments?

This looks good to me, but, I don't know how far can I stretch in
gdbserver approvals.

Small nit, you've added an `assert' call, but I think you should use `fatal'
instead -- there are no other references to `assert' in gdbserver whole.

> +/* Return non-zero if the target is 64-bit.  */
> +
> +static void
> +x86_arch_setup (void)

Misplaced comment?

Pedro Alves

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