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Re: Post mortem debugging for Windows CE

On Tuesday 05 May 2009 14:30:51, Danny Backx wrote:

> It looks like I'm getting close to something that works. Small session
> below. Cleanup and more testing are certainly required.

This is looking very good!

> I'm about to look into your suggestion about .module sections.
> How can I observe the effect of that ? How can I test ?

The .modules sections would contain the list of loaded modules
at the time of the crash.  So, 'info sharedlibrary' should list the same
list of dlls as the live inferior had, and their load addresses should
be the same.

You could tweak your test app to move the crashing code into a mini
dll you'd write.  Use 'set sysroot' or 'set solib-search-path' command to
point GDB at the host copy of the dll, and load the minidump
into GDB.  GDB should be able to show you the crash site source code,
backtracing from the function in  the dll should work, and
'info sharedlibrary' should report correct data, of course.

Pedro Alves

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