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Re: Process record and replay checked in to main trunk

> Date: Sun, 3 May 2009 22:15:34 +0800
> From: Hui Zhu <>
> Cc:
> > No, I mean description of when this target is useful in real life, and
> > how you will use it. ?In other words, put yourself in a place of
> > someone who reads the manual about the record/replay target and asks
> > him/herself "why should I care about this new feature?" ?Then try to
> > answer that question. ?And try to answer it so that the reader will
> > wonder how could she ever get by without this feature before.
> >
> I got it.  I will try to deal with it.


> I am not a native speaker and poor english ability.
> Could some people help me with it?

Don't worry about that.  Just write what you can, and I will take care
of rephrasing it as needed.

By gathering bits and pieces, I'm beginning to understand that process
record/replay is part of our support for ``reversible debugging''.  If
that is true, would people agree to have a chapter by that name in the
manual, explaining what is this all about, and to move all the related
sections into that chapter?

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