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Re : New language support : Vala

2009/2/24, Tom Tromey <>:
> It is worth mentioning where you built and tested this.  Also, you may
> want to consider test suite additions for the vala support...
I built this on a (Debian) GNU/Linux x86, if someone finds a problem
on another platform, I'll be happy to fix it. I'll try to send another
patch with tests later.
> I don't know whether your FSF paperwork has gone through.  I don't
> have a way to look that up any more; maybe someone else could find
> out.
Yes, I received the letter.
> vala-lang.c, vala-lang.h, and vala-print.c all need copyright headers.
> You can copy one from just about any other .c file in gdb; just make
> sure to update the first line (which describes the purpose of the
> file) and the years.
I just forgot to add this (and print_typedef)
> I am not sure if you want to be using safe-ctype.h or ctype.h.
I don't know myself, I just need toupper (and isupper in the linespec patch).
> +  target_read_string (value_as_address (name), &type_name, 100, NULL);
> That '100' looks odd.  It would probably be better to use the new
> string-reading code that Thiago put in; see valprint.c:read_string.
I didn't find a better solution (read_string returns a gdb_byte* and I don't
know how to convert it).
> Also, I think the code should properly handle errors.
In vala_real_type ? Yes, but I didn't find a way to do it, testing for null
pointers isn't sufficient.

Here is a new version of the patch, I think I fixed everything (except the
read_string above), and another patch to deal with linespec parsing for Vala
(this one is relatively small).


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