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Re: Cleanup varobj children handling

Vladimir Prus wrote:

> Vladimir Prus wrote:
>> This patch changes varobj.c to use VEC for hodling children, thereby
>> making three functions unnecessary. No regressions in MI tests. OK?
> I forgot to remove some more dead code -- struct varobj_child is no longer
> needed. This patch removes it too.
> - Volodya
>         gdb/
>         * varobj.c: Include "vec.h".
>         (varobj_p): New typedef, declare vector of those.
>         (struct varobj): Use vector for the 'children' member.
>         (child_exists): Remove.
>         (save_child_in_parent): Remove.
>         (remove_child_from_parent): Remove.
>         (struct varobj_child): Remove.
>         (varobj_list_children): Adjust to work work vector.
>         (varobj_update): Likewise.
>         (delete_variable_1): Likewise.
>         * (varobj.o): Update dependencies.
>         testsuite/
>         * gdb.mi/mi-var-child.exp: Adjust to the change in order
>         of varobjs reported by -var-update.
>         * gdb.mi/mi2-var-child.exp: Likewise.

PING? The above was posted 10 days ago.

- Volodya

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