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Re: MI: fix base members in references

> > The patch below seems to fix it for me.  Its a diff on 1.63 _with_ your
> > yet to be committed changes.

> I would have preferred if instead of adding if, the code was modified to
> look at

>         value_type (var->value)

> as opposed to

>         var->type

I'm not sure that I follow your point.  The patch just gets the target type,
after dereferencing, in the case of a pointer.

> The latter is the type of the varobj expression as it is in source program.
> The former is the value we're actually showing. It makes sense to use
> value_type (var->value) for all presentation purposes.

The former appears to be a type also (not a value).

> > Since we have been the only two people directly contributing to for a
> > while now MI, and as it would stop the patches piling up, perhaps Vladimir
> > (if
> > interested) 

> I don't very well understand maintainership structure in gdb, but I would
> surely appreciate a permission to commit MI patches directly. 

Well it also carries the responsibility of reviewing other peoples patches :-)


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