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[drow-cplus-branch rfa] using directives support

[drow-cplus-branch] beginnings of support for using directives

[drow-cplus-branch] lookup_symbol_aux refactoring

[drow-cplus-branch] Print qualifiers after types for C++

[drow-cplus-branch] Print qualifiers on methods

[drow-cplus-branch] Stabs: basic type inference

[drow-cplus-branch] Testsuite tweaks

[drow-cplus-branch] Type printing updates

[maint] New title for ``global write maintainer''?

[PATCH RFA/RFC] Address class support

[PATCH RFA/RFC] Short pointer support

Re: [patch rfa:doco rfc:NEWS] mi1 -> mi2; rm mi0

[PATCH RFA] Create new file mips-tdep.h

[PATCH RFA] New constvars.exp tests

[PATCH RFC] Fix ptype behavior for structs

[patch/in] Multi-arch CANNOT_STEP_BREAKPOINT

[patch/maint] Full -Werror for alpha-elf and h8300hms

Re: [PATCH/RFA] clean up some extern's

[patch/rfc; rfa:doco] Add reggroups and their maint commands

[patch/rfc] ``struct complaint'' -> ``struct deprecated_complaint''

[patch/rfc] Add frame_read_signed/unsigned_register()

Re: [patch/rfc] Add frame_read_signed/unsigned_register(); convert h8300 to print_registers_info()

[patch/rfc] Add frame_read_signed/unsigned_register(); convert h8300to print_registers_info()

Re: [patch/rfc] create gdb.mi/mi1-*.exp tests

[patch/rfc] Delete PRINT_REGISTER_HOOK

[patch/rfc] Deprecate DO_REGISTERS_INFO

[patch/rfc] Eliminate PRINT_REGISTER_HOOK from h8500hms

[patch/rfc] Eliminate PRINT_REGISTER_HOOK from SPARC

[patch/rfc] Remove all setup_xfail's from testsuite/gdb.mi/

[PATCH/RFC] TLS support part 1

[PATCH/RFC] TLS support part 3

[patch/rfc] z8k PRINT_REGISTER_HOOK() -> PRINT_REGISTERS_INFO() sortof

Re: [patch/rfc] z8k PRINT_REGISTER_HOOK() -> PRINT_REGISTERS_INFO()sort of

[PATCH] 'nother macro gone

[PATCH] Add dependencies for i386obsd-tdep.c

[PATCH] Add ObjC struct to parser-defs.h

[PATCH] Address FIXME in i386-tdep.c:i386_extract_struct_value_address

[PATCH] Allow 'NULL' to i387_supply_fsave et. al.

[PATCH] Another step towards integrating thee i386 and x86-64 targets

[PATCH] ARI fixes fro objc-lang.[ch]

[PATCH] C++ Dwarf2 inner scope PR/789

[PATCH] clarify SYMBOL_* macros

[PATCH] Cleanup dwarf2cfi.c a bit

[PATCH] Compare contents when evaluating an array watchpoint

[PATCH] configure consistantly for any and all FreeBSD targets

[patch] Convert h8300 to print_registers_info()

[patch] delete find_addr_symbol

[PATCH] doc/gdbint.texinfo: Fix problems with ``{'' and ``}''

[PATCH] dwarf2read.c recognize more DW_OP_*

[PATCH] event-top.c

[PATCH] Fix bcache opaqueification lossage

[patch] Fix build probs; change address_class* to pure multi-arch

[patch] fix declaration of obsavestring

[PATCH] Fix FreeBSD/i386 debug register handling

[PATCH] Fix i386v-nat.c compilation

[PATCH] Fix install-gdbtk

[PATCH] Fix invalid comment in objc-exp.y

[PATCH] Fix native SCO builds

[PATCH] Fix testsuite errors due to ObjC patch.

Re: [patch] fnchange.lst

[PATCH] Get rid of a deprecated function call in i386-tdep.c

[PATCH] get rid of INIT_SAL macro

[PATCH] Handle ObjC ops in expprint.c

[PATCH] minor nit in read_tilde_fields

Re: [PATCH] Objective-C language support.

[PATCH] plugin patch

[PATCH] Print vector registers in natural format, not hex

[PATCH] Redefine skip_quoted

[PATCH] regenerate gdb/configure (was "Re: [RFA] define NEW_PROC_API on Interix")

Re: [PATCH] regenerate gdb/configure (was "Re: [RFA] define NEW_PROC_APIon Interix")

[PATCH] Remove dependency between x86-64-tdep.c and x86-64-linux-tdep.c

[PATCH] Rename ObjC ops.

[PATCH] Reorganize x86-64-tdep.c a bit more

[PATCH] Reorganize x86_64-tdep.c a bit

[PATCH] Revive OpenBSD/i386.

[patch] some mindless additions of BLOCK_ macros

[PATCH] Some x86_64-tdep.c cleanup.

[PATCH] stopgap for TLS

[PATCH] Support Altivec tests on Mac OS X

[PATCH] Symplify macro in symtab.h

Re: [patch] tic4x patch in

[PATCH] TUI, Source files with CRLF line endings

[PATCH] Use read_memory_unsigned_integer when reading to CORE_ADDR

[patch] useless code in symtab.c

[PATCH]: Fix Bug #1290: Disassembling of bclr is wrong for 68HC12

[PATCH]: Fix gdb secondary prompts in TUI

[PATCH]: Fix gdb/478: TUI doesn't compile on HP-UX 11: undefined setlinebuf()

[PATCH]: Fix gdb/787: Compilation on HPUX 11.0 fails if --enable-tui

[PATCH]: Fixes PR gdb/794.

Re: [PATCH]: gdb/769 - segv fault on "info shared" on GDB 5.2.1 HPUX64 11.00

[PATCH]: Get rid of warnings in sunos-solib.c

[PATCH]: TUI, secondary prompts do not work

[RFA/5.3] Fix a compilation warning in hppa-tdep.c

[RFA/mi] Fix "-thread-select 123456789" test (fwd)

[rfa/ppc] correctly bias alloca_reg

[RFA/RFC] offsets in a.out files [104814]

[RFA/Semi-obvious/5.3?] Fix compilation error in hppa-tdep.c

[RFA/testsuite] Handle MIPS in step-test.exp

[RFA/testsuite] Shorten the maint.exp symbols tests

[RFA/testsuite] Test printing complex numbers in C

[RFA/testsuite] Update selftest.exp

[RFA:] DejaGNU patch: Change -I to -isystem for testsuite.

Re: [rfa:breakpoint] Correctly count watchpoints

Re: [rfa:ppc+5.3] Fix "vrsave" regnum

[rfa:ppc} fix e500 struct return

Re: [RFA] Add type support for Ada

[rfa] clean up lookup_symbol_aux

[RFA] Copy the command lines and value when copying a bpstat.

[RFA] define NEW_PROC_API on Interix

[RFA] define NEW_PROC_API on Interix (resubmission)

[RFA] Delete struct source, struct sourcevector from symtab.h

Re: [RFA] DWARF multiple comp unit header support - Revision - Part 1

[RFA] Fix an error in value_change_enclosing_type

[RFA] Fix gdb/669 (fwd)

[RFA] mi testsuite varobj support

[rfa] more all-target -Werror patches

[RFA] Ooopsie in mi/mi-main.c

[RFA] Relocate debug information in object files (e.g. add-symbol-file) [take 2]

Re: [RFA] sighandler backtrace on x86-64

[RFA] solib-svr4.c fetch link map address

[RFA] string_to_core_addr fix

[RFA] Top level configury additions for RDA

[RFA] Top level configury additions for RDA (2nd try)

[RFA] Use vfork in shell_escape

[rfc/patch] rename hp thread local mechanism

[rfc/rfa] accept DW_TAG_namespace and friends, possibly on 5.3

[RFC/RFA] Adding new files for Interix (take 3)

[RFC/RFA] TLS support part 2

[RFC/RFA]Fix cross build of m68k netbsd target

[RFC] Add option processing for external modules

[RFC] COFF/PE offset ajdustment (for Interix)

[RFC] gdbtk -- "show commands"

[rfc] split up symtab.h

[RFC] want to #undef HAVE_SBRK and HAVE_POLL on Interix

Add rules for ObjC files

bfd target lists

C++ PATCH: Fix gdb/778

can't build cross-gdb for --target=mips-sgi-irix6

ChangeLog typo?

Copyright assignment

Re: current namespace game plan

Fix for stabs documentation

gdb won't recognize the N64 ABI

Re: gdb-patches Digest 17 Oct 2002 18:15:14 -0000 Issue 1383

Happy nice Allhallowmas

hopefully back to normal...

Re: Merging OC gdb with official gdb

Re: NULL selected/current frame; Was: [patch/rfc] Add frame_read_signed/unsigned_register(); convert h8300 to print_registers_info()

NULL selected/current frame; Was: [patch/rfc] Add frame_read_signed/unsigned_register();convert h8300 to print_registers_info()

Re: Outstanding?

Patch for gdb/mi 604

patch for gdb/mi 680

Patch for gdb/mi 792

Patch for gdb/mi 796

Re: Patch for gdb/mi problem 192

Re: Patch for gdb/mi problem 672

Patch for gdb/mi problem 702

PATCH for Re: mips-elf build fails

PATCH/thread test: Fix thinko in sched-lock.exp

PATCH: Fix mips-linux native

Ping (on sighandler backtrace on x86-64)

Problem about insight rename patch

Proposed patch for gdb/mi 741

RFA/testsuite: Add MIPS to gdb.asm

RFA/testsuite: Make signals test more specific

Re: RFA/types: Clean up use of field bitsize

RFA: Add tests for lookup_symbol_aux bug

RFA: change for gdb/mi 494

RFA: change for gdb/mi 495

RFA: change for gdb/mi 790


RFA: Fix i386-linux backtrace through signal handlers

RFA: lin-lwp bug with software-single-step or schedlock

RFA: revised changes for gdb/mi 792

RFA: Search for symbol names the same way they're hashed.

Re: RFA: test C++ casts

RFC a little redundancy removal I'd like in gdb.mi

Re: RFC: Keep 5 yr. old hack for MIPS16 on disassembler code

Re: RFC: Moving disassembler_command to cli land and using newer disassembler code

Setting the demangling style

sim/mips patch: add support for more NEC VR targets

toplevel configure: reformat

toplevel configure: simplify

toplevel Makefile: autogenerate more

toplevel: make more things look more autoconfy

toplevel: make yet more autoconf-friendly

toplevel: more autoconfiness

TUI: setlinebuf not available in Cygwin.


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