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Re: [patch/rfc] Remove all setup_xfail's from testsuite/gdb.mi/

On Thu, Oct 24, 2002 at 03:29:56PM -0400, Andrew Cagney wrote:

>On Thu, Oct 24, 2002 at 02:41:05PM -0400, Andrew Cagney wrote:

>>GDB's testsuite is known to be full of xfails that are really kfails or >>testsuite bugs. Rather than try to audit each xfail in turn, the >>proposal as been to rip out all the xfails (creating a clean slate) and >>start marking up the tests from scratch - two steps forward but first >>one step back.
>>I figure I might as well try to get the ball rolling on this and find >>out just how much real resistance there is going to be to a change like >>this. To that end, this removes all xfail's from the gdb.mi testsuite. >> Similar tests, for the other directories, would follow.

>I'm known to be a testsuite nazi - I really, really dislike the current
>failure levels, and people aren't doing much about it.  I'm all in
>favor of getting the ball rolling.  But are you planning to do the
>marking promptly, or just make us stare at even more MI failures for a
>while?  I've been staring at the mi-console one for a year...

I believe that you're free to start kfailing things :-)

As for me doing the kfail's, the chances of me getting back to that short term are, lets say, pretty remote. I'm just trying to get the process started - eliminate the task that's going to cop the most flack :-)
Like I said, the task that would cop the most flack ... :-)

In that case, I'd ask you not to commit this.  There's no point in
adding to the FAILs if it doesn't gain us anything.
I think the patch, regardless of KFAIL, is still technically correct. It fixes a bug: the XFAILs are all wrong so removing them changes the testsuite so that the numbers it reports better reflect reality. It's just unfortunate that part of the reality is a jump in testsuite failures. Remember, the XFAILs were originally added to artifically deflate the test failure rate.

> Would it be
> hard to file PRs for all the failures you see and mark them KFAIL?

I think that would be a step backwards as all it would do is fill the bug database with reports like ``test failed''.

At least this does move things forward - it puts the tesuite in a state where everyone and everyone can incrementally do the marking.


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