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Re: [patch] useless code in symtab.c

On Wed, 23 Oct 2002 18:54:13 -0400, Elena Zannoni <> said:

> David Carlton writes:
>> On Wed, 23 Oct 2002 18:32:32 -0400, Elena Zannoni <> said:

>>> Can you also knock out the one at:

>>> linespec.c:38:extern char *find_template_name_end (char *);

>> That one gets used by decode_line_1.  (One of these days, I'll try
>> to understand what that function is doing, but I'm not feeling
>> quite that masochistic yet.)  Though I don't see any compelling
>> reason not to just #include "parser-defs.h" there instead of
>> declaring that one function specially; should I go ahead and do
>> that?

> decode_line_1, I think it will also make coffee if you ask
> nicely.... :-(

I really will have to give it a look; refactoring lookup_symbol_aux
was fairly pleasant and has turned out to be quite useful for me, so
at some point I'll see if decode_line_1 is amenable to a similar
treament.  Probably not, though: lookup_symbol_aux breaks fairly
neatly into a few decent-sized chunks, whereas decode_line_1 is a good
deal longer (770 lines as opposed to 370) and seems to me, upon a
brief skim, to not want to break apart nearly as nicely.

Incidentally, have you looked over the lookup_symbol_aux refactoring
yet?  (At
It's not particularly urgent yet, but at some point I'm going to need
to need to get some sort of consensus as to what it means to look
something up in the global symbol table, and that patch is a good
starting place for discussion.  I think it's all a good idea except
maybe I shouldn't move the partial symbol table lookup before the
minimal symbol table lookup just yet.

> Yes, please, and update the dependencies.

Great, will do.

David Carlton

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