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Re: Patch for gdb/mi problem 702

> On Fri, 4 Oct 2002, J. Johnston wrote:
> > Some of these output variables are aliases of one another
> > (e.g. *p which points to a[5] which is also being shown).  The application
> > kicks off a separate input field operation that changes the value of a[5].
> > Now, the application knows it changed a[5], but doesn't necessarily know about
> > the current alias to *p.
> You'll also get a target_changed event. This will cause the UI to run 
> -var-update, which will show that the "aliased" object's value has 
> changed. This already works in insight.

Yes, as J. Johnston was saying, it was more in the case:
you write to a memory, the memory is actually pointing to some variables.
You would want the change events for the variables affected also,
We do actually send the ChangeEvent on behalf of gdb in eclipse, but
we do not know of the side-effects.

The target_changed does not specify who is affected, which force a
cascade of -var-evaluate-expression of all the objects.

And I beleive this will only be in gdb-5.4 and up(can not wait to start
to work on it to take advantage of the improve MI2 8-).

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