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Re: Add rules for ObjC files

Klee Dienes wrote:
I'm not sure if this is something you want to hassle with at the moment, or if you'd prefer to let it wait as a modification once a working version of the Objective-C patches are successfully committed.

But just as a heads-up, I should mention that in more recent versions of our GDB, we've folded in all of the Objective-C support directly into c-exp.y, and removed objc-exp.y as a file entirely. Most of objc-exp.y was always just an out-of-date copy of c-exp.y, anyway; moving the (rather small) changes into c-exp.y directly not only allowed us to track changes to the C parser much more smoothly, it should also allow for much better Objective-C++ support.

Good point. On second though, I think I will withdraw this patch for now. I'll work on getting the other changes in, and by that time I might get around to looking at the most recent Apple changes and maybe I'll be be able to convince the gdb gods to switch directly to using Objective-C in c-exp.y

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