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Re: nrun.c patch

[sorry, resent 'cus I screwed up the cc list again]

Stephane Carrez writes:
 > > Having to specify the -v with the -p is wrong.
 > Sure!
 > The sim_info() is used for several purposes. For several simulators, it is used
 > to print various information (not only profiling as in your case). Having this
 > information printed each time you run the simulator is not good too. In particular
 > I don't want to have such information printed when I run the gcc testsuite.
 > Now, I understand that -v is not the appropriate option. I guess a new flag
 > is necessary in the SIM_DESC to control the final call to sim_info().
 > Such flag should then be set when the profiling is activated, or when some
 > -print-sim-info-at-the-end nice option is specified.
 > I think this would solve your problem and mine.

The way things were intended to work, sim_info would always be run
and each target would have sim_info print the things the user
told it to print.  If the user didn't tell the simulator to print
anything, then sim_info would print nothing.  Up until your patch,
it has always worked this way.  ie. your sim_info is supposed to
check various flags and print what the user told it to print.

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