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[binutils-gdb/gdb-8.3-branch] Another fix for GDB styling

[binutils-gdb/gdb-8.3-branch] Fix "list" when control characters are seen

[binutils-gdb/gdb-8.3-branch] Fix GDB 8.3 regression crash when registers cannot be modified.

[binutils-gdb/gdb-8.3-branch] gdb/ add --enable-source-highlight

[binutils-gdb] [GDB, Hurd] Fix build; 'target_waitstatus_to_string' call

[binutils-gdb] [gdb/testsuite] Add cc-with-dwz.exp and cc-with-dwz-m.exp

[binutils-gdb] [gdb/testsuite] Fix gdb.base/break-probes.exp with native-gdbserver

[binutils-gdb] [gdb] Handle vfork in thread with follow-fork-mode child

[binutils-gdb] AArch64 SVE: Check for vector length change when getting gdbarch

[binutils-gdb] AArch64 SVE: Support changing vector lengths for ptrace

[binutils-gdb] AArch64: Ensure regcache is reset between tests

[binutils-gdb] AArch64: Tidy up aarch64_gdbarch_init

[binutils-gdb] Add gdb.Value.format_string ()

[binutils-gdb] Add myself to gdb/MAINTAINERS

[binutils-gdb] Add python method InferiorThread.handle

[binutils-gdb] Another fix for GDB styling

[binutils-gdb] Avoid crash in dwarf2_init_complex_target_type

[binutils-gdb] Consistently use bool for fake_pid_p

[binutils-gdb] Destroy allocated values when exiting GDB

[binutils-gdb] Documentation for python method InferiorThread.handle

[binutils-gdb] Fix "list" when control characters are seen

[binutils-gdb] Fix a couple of comments

[binutils-gdb] Fix AMD64 return value ABI in expression evaluation

[binutils-gdb] Fix amd64->i386 linux syscall restart problem

[binutils-gdb] Fix GDB crash when registers cannot be modified.

[binutils-gdb] Fix internal error and improve 'set debug infrun 1'/target wait kind trace

[binutils-gdb] Fix Rust lexer buglet

[binutils-gdb] Fix typo in latest ChangeLog entry

[binutils-gdb] gdb/ add --enable-source-highlight

[binutils-gdb] gdb/fortran: Handle internal function calls

[binutils-gdb] gdb/riscv: Allow breakpoints to be created at invalid addresses

[binutils-gdb] gdb/riscv: Handle empty C++ structs during argument passing

[binutils-gdb] gdb/riscv: Remove riscv_type_alignment function

[binutils-gdb] gdb: Add $_cimag and $_creal internal functions

[binutils-gdb] gdb: Fix alignment computation for structs with only static fields

[binutils-gdb] gdb: Fix failure in gdb.base/complex-parts.exp for x86-32

[binutils-gdb] gdb: Remove LANG_MAGIC

[binutils-gdb] gdbserver: Add debug-file option

[binutils-gdb] gdbserver: Ensure all debug output uses debug functions

[binutils-gdb] gdbserver: Move remote_debug to a single place

[binutils-gdb] Handle DW_AT_ranges when reading partial symtabs

[binutils-gdb] Introduce a separate debug objfile iterator

[binutils-gdb] Introduce target_ops method thread_info_to_thread_handle

[binutils-gdb] Make "all" depend on "info"

[binutils-gdb] Make "msg" const in internal_vproblem

[binutils-gdb] Make base class for parser_state

[binutils-gdb] Make copy_name return std::string

[binutils-gdb] Make exception throwing a bit more efficient

[binutils-gdb] Make exceptions use std::string and be self-managing

[binutils-gdb] Make increase_expout_size static

[binutils-gdb] Make objfile::static_links an htab_up

[binutils-gdb] Make process_stratum_target::stratum "final"

[binutils-gdb] Merge libiberty from gcc

[binutils-gdb] Move arglist_len et al to parser_state

[binutils-gdb] Move comma_terminates global to parser_state

[binutils-gdb] Move completion parsing to parser_state

[binutils-gdb] Move expression_context_* globals to parser_state

[binutils-gdb] Move innermost_block_tracker global to parse_state

[binutils-gdb] Move lexptr and prev_lexptr to parser_state

[binutils-gdb] Move type stack handling to a new class

[binutils-gdb] OBVIOUS move add_comm_alias "!" <=> "shell" near the add_com "shell"

[binutils-gdb] Print non-Ada unions without crashing

[binutils-gdb] Pull in patch for libiberty that fixes a stack exhaustion bug when demangling a pathalogically const

[binutils-gdb] Remove an include of common/queue.h

[binutils-gdb] Remove common/queue.h

[binutils-gdb] Remove paren_depth global

[binutils-gdb] Remove parser_state "initial_size" parameter

[binutils-gdb] Remove some now-dead exception code

[binutils-gdb] Remove some uses of "object_files"

[binutils-gdb] Rename gdb exception types

[binutils-gdb] Rename python function thread_from_thread_handle to thread_from_handle

[binutils-gdb] Replace throw_exception with throw in some cases

[binutils-gdb] Revert the header-sorting patch

[binutils-gdb] Rewrite TRY/CATCH

[binutils-gdb] sim: Use host not target byte order for merging and splitting values

[binutils-gdb] Simplify exception handling

[binutils-gdb] Some gdb_exception{,error,quit} tweaks

[binutils-gdb] Sort includes for files gdb/[a-f]*.[chyl].

[binutils-gdb] Support buffer objects as handles in Inferior.thread_from_thread_handle()

[binutils-gdb] Tests for gdb.InferiorThread.handle

[binutils-gdb] Testsuite: Add gdbserver sysroot test

[binutils-gdb] Turn parse_gdbarch into a method

[binutils-gdb] Turn parse_language into a method

[binutils-gdb] Use -qualified flag when setting temporary breakpoint in start command

[binutils-gdb] Use find_thread_in_random in select_event_lwp

[binutils-gdb] Use linux_get_auxv to get AT_PHDR in the PPC stub

[binutils-gdb] Use std::list for event notifications in gdbserver

[binutils-gdb] Use std::list for remote_notif_state::notif_queue

[binutils-gdb] Use upper-case for metasyntactic in gdbserver help

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