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February 11, 2016
22:23 [binutils-gdb] gdbserver: Remove tracepoint_action ops. Marcin
19:57 [binutils-gdb] Add missing quotes to gdb/testsuite/README Pedro Alves
19:52 [binutils-gdb] Support 'make check-parallel' in gdb's build dir Pedro Alves
19:14 [binutils-gdb] arm-tdep.c: Remove unused variables Simon Marchi
19:14 [binutils-gdb] arm-tdep.c: Remove unused arm_displaced_step_copy_insn Simon Marchi
18:21 [binutils-gdb] arm-tdep.c: Change type of insn parameters Simon Marchi
15:26 [binutils-gdb/gdb-7.10-branch] Fix '-data-read-memory-bytes' typo/assertion Don Breazeal
14:17 [binutils-gdb] gdb.trace: Add a testcase for tdesc in tfile. Marcin
13:20 [binutils-gdb] Use the target architecture when encoding tracepoint actions Antoine Tremblay

February 10, 2016
22:35 [binutils-gdb] gdb.trace: Read XML target description from tfile. Marcin
22:35 [binutils-gdb] gdb.trace: Save XML target description in tfile. Marcin
16:43 [binutils-gdb/gdb-7.11-branch] Clear *VAL in regcache_raw_read_unsigned Yao Qi
16:42 [binutils-gdb] Clear *VAL in regcache_raw_read_unsigned Yao Qi
15:11 [binutils-gdb] arm-tdep.c: Fix typo Simon Marchi
14:42 [binutils-gdb] gdb/x86: Implement ax_pseudo_register_collect hook. Marcin
14:42 [binutils-gdb] gdb.trace: Use g packet order in tfile_fetch_registers. Marcin
13:52 [binutils-gdb] gdb.trace: Fix off-by-one in tfile_fetch_registers. Marcin
10:55 [binutils-gdb] Sync top level files with gcc. Nick Clifton
09:27 [binutils-gdb/gdb-7.11-branch] gdb/ Replace -cvs suffix by -git suffix Joel Brobecker
04:03 [binutils-gdb/gdb-7.11-branch] Bump GDB version number to 7.10.90.DATE-cvs. Joel Brobecker
04:03 [binutils-gdb/gdb-7.11-branch] Document the GDB 7.10.90 release in gdb/ChangeLog Joel Brobecker
03:54 [binutils-gdb/gdb-7.11-branch] Set GDB version number to 7.10.90. Joel Brobecker
03:46 [binutils-gdb/gdb-7.11-branch] gdb/NEWS: Change "since GDB 7.10" -> "in GDB 7.11". Joel Brobecker
03:31 [binutils-gdb] Update NEWS post GDB 7.11 branch creation. Joel Brobecker
03:31 [binutils-gdb] Bump version to 7.11.50.DATE-git. Joel Brobecker
03:29 [binutils-gdb/gdb-7.11-branch] Bump version to 7.10.90.DATE-git. Joel Brobecker
03:20 [binutils-gdb] Created branch 'gdb-7.11-branch' Joel Brobecker
00:09 [binutils-gdb] breakpoints/19546: Fix crash after updating breakpoints Keith Seitz

February 09, 2016
22:37 [binutils-gdb] Enable/update legacy linespecs in MI. Keith Seitz
22:36 [binutils-gdb] Use string_to_event_location_basic in guile. Keith Seitz
22:36 [binutils-gdb] python/19506 -- gdb.Breakpoint address location regression Keith Seitz
22:36 [binutils-gdb] Refactor string_to_event_location for legacy linespec support. Keith Seitz
14:03 [binutils-gdb] Modernize's Simon Marchi
12:16 [binutils-gdb] Fix PR19548: Breakpoint re-set inserts breakpoints when it shouldn't Pedro Alves
11:18 [binutils-gdb] Fix siginfo C++ build error Pedro Alves
10:39 [binutils-gdb] Revert "Fix build breakage" Walfred Tedeschi
10:28 [binutils-gdb] Fix build breakage Walfred Tedeschi

February 08, 2016
19:25 [binutils-gdb] Always organize test artifacts in a directory hierarchy Simon Marchi
19:01 [binutils-gdb] Fix in-tree, parallel running of Ada tests Simon Marchi
18:02 [binutils-gdb] remote.c: Cleanup unused variables Simon Marchi

February 07, 2016
14:47 [binutils-gdb] varobj: Cleanup dead code Simon Marchi

February 06, 2016
01:28 [binutils-gdb] sim: mips: fix prog_bfd usage Michael Frysinger

February 04, 2016
16:27 [binutils-gdb] Prevent possible undefined behaviour computing the size of the scache by usingunsigned integers inst Nick Clifton
15:47 [binutils-gdb] [testsuite] Remove BASEDIR Yao Qi
15:10 [binutils-gdb] waiting_for_stop_reply around remote_fileio_request Yao Qi

February 03, 2016
21:53 [binutils-gdb] MAINTAINERS: Add Thiemo Seufer back, as a past maintainer Maciej W . Rozycki

February 02, 2016
21:40 [binutils-gdb] ui-out.c: Remove unused enum Simon Marchi
11:03 [binutils-gdb] Adaptation of siginfo fixup for the new bnd fields Walfred Tedeschi
11:00 [binutils-gdb] Add bound related fields to the siginfo structure Walfred Tedeschi
10:51 [binutils-gdb] Use linux_get_siginfo_type_with_fields for x86 Walfred Tedeschi
10:48 [binutils-gdb] Preparation for new siginfo on Linux Walfred Tedeschi
10:44 [binutils-gdb] Merge gdb and gdbserver implementations for siginfo Walfred Tedeschi

February 01, 2016
23:49 [binutils-gdb] gdb.texinfo (Value Sizes): Fix typo. Doug Evans
23:39 [binutils-gdb] gdb.texinfo (Skipping Over Functions and Files): Fix typo. Doug Evans
23:22 [binutils-gdb] gdb.base/skip.exp: Clean up multiple references to same test name. Doug Evans
19:22 [binutils-gdb] Mention PR remote/19496 in gdb/testsuite/ChangeLog entry Pedro Alves
19:21 [binutils-gdb] Test gdb.threads/forking-threads-plus-breakpoint.exp with displaced stepping off Pedro Alves
18:09 [binutils-gdb] gdb: Guard against undefined behaviour in mi-vla-fortran.exp Andrew Burgess
18:09 [binutils-gdb] gdb: New set/show max-value-size command. Andrew Burgess
03:25 [binutils-gdb] Fix some comments in varobj.{c,h} Simon Marchi

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