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[binutils-gdb/gdb-7.10-branch] Adjust GDB to demangler API change

[binutils-gdb/gdb-7.10-branch] btrace: diagnose "record btrace pt" without libipt

[binutils-gdb/gdb-7.10-branch] Demangler: Fix constructor names with ABI tags

[binutils-gdb/gdb-7.10-branch] Fix several crashes of C++ demangler on fuzzed input.

[binutils-gdb/gdb-7.10-branch] Implement N4514, C++ Extensions for Transactional Memory.

[binutils-gdb/gdb-7.10-branch] PR other/61321 - demangler crash on casts in template parameters

[binutils-gdb] (Makefiles): PATCH to include libcpp and libiberty in GCC etags

[binutils-gdb] [AArch64] Handle HFA and HVA together

[binutils-gdb] [AArch64] Only check breakpoint alignment on inserting

[binutils-gdb] [AArch64] Support gnu vector in inferior call

[binutils-gdb] [Ada] GDB crash during "finish" of function with out parameters

[binutils-gdb] [ARM] "svc" insn check at irrelevant address in ARM unwind info sniffer

[binutils-gdb] [C++/mingw] Fix windows-nat.c::xlate

[binutils-gdb] [C++/mingw] gdb-dlfcn.c casts

[binutils-gdb] [C++/mingw] gdbserver casts

[binutils-gdb] [C++/mingw] gdbserver: gdb/host signal mixup

[binutils-gdb] [C++/mingw] handle_output_debug_string

[binutils-gdb] [C++/mingw] Misc alloca casts

[binutils-gdb] [C++/mingw] ser-mingw.c casts

[binutils-gdb] [C++/mingw] ser-tcp.c casts

[binutils-gdb] [C++/mingw] Simplify first chance exception handling

[binutils-gdb] [C++/mingw] windows-nat.c casts

[binutils-gdb] [C++] Add casts to obstack_base calls

[binutils-gdb] [C++] Always use setjmp/longjmp for exceptions

[binutils-gdb] [C++] breakpoint.c: "no memory" software watchpoints and enum casts

[binutils-gdb] [C++] Default to -Werror in C++ mode too

[binutils-gdb] [C++] Define __STDC_CONSTANT_MACROS / __STDC_LIMIT_MACROS for stdint.h

[binutils-gdb] [C++] Drop -fpermissive hack

[binutils-gdb] [C++] linux-thread-db.c: dladdr cast

[binutils-gdb] [C++] remote.c: Avoid enum arithmetic

[binutils-gdb] [C++] s390: Fix enum gdb_syscall conversion

[binutils-gdb] [gdbserver/ipa] Fix build dependencies

[binutils-gdb] [gdbserver] disable Elf32_auxv_t/Elf64_auxv_t AC_CHECK_TYPES check on Android

[binutils-gdb] [LynxOS] GDBserver crash debugging threaded program

[binutils-gdb] [sim/ppc] Fix printf_filtered reference

[binutils-gdb] Add an AArch64 simulator to GDB.

[binutils-gdb] Add myself to gdb MAINTAINERS

[binutils-gdb] Add test for thread names

[binutils-gdb] Adjust ChangeLog entry

[binutils-gdb] Adjust GDB to demangler API change

[binutils-gdb] Allow multiple occurrences of the frames-invalid annotation in gdb.cp/annota2.exp

[binutils-gdb] arm-linux-nat.c: Add cast

[binutils-gdb] attach + target always in non-stop mode: stop all threads

[binutils-gdb] Avoid "enum conversion when passing argument 1 of 'getrusage' is invalid in C++" warning

[binutils-gdb] binutils: add support for arm-*-darwin and aarch64-*-darwin.

[binutils-gdb] btrace: add instruction-history /s and fix documentation

[binutils-gdb] btrace: change record instruction-history /m

[binutils-gdb] btrace: diagnose "record btrace pt" without libipt

[binutils-gdb] callfuncs.exp: avoid spurious register differences in sparc64 targets.

[binutils-gdb] Cast void * to struct user_pt_regs *

[binutils-gdb] Cast void * to user_fpsimd_state *.

[binutils-gdb] Change argument opcode type from enum aarch64_opcodes to uint32_t

[binutils-gdb] Change return type of raw_bkpt_type_to_arm_hwbp_type

[binutils-gdb] Changing compiler flags for MPX tests.

[binutils-gdb] Combine aarch64_decode_stp_offset_wb and aarch64_decode_stp_offset

[binutils-gdb] Configury changes for obstack optimization

[binutils-gdb] Constify thread name return path

[binutils-gdb] Constify value_cstring

[binutils-gdb] Constify value_string

[binutils-gdb] Convert c_string_type to an enum flags type

[binutils-gdb] Copy gnulib obstack files

[binutils-gdb] Created branch 'binutils-2_26-branch'

[binutils-gdb] Created tag users/hjl/linux/release/

[binutils-gdb] darwin-nat: disable sstep cache.

[binutils-gdb] darwin-nat: rewrite darwin_read_write_inferior

[binutils-gdb] Define enum out of the scope of struct

[binutils-gdb] disasm: add struct disasm_insn to describe to-be-disassembled instruction

[binutils-gdb] disasm: split dump_insns

[binutils-gdb] Display names of remote threads

[binutils-gdb] Do not use libiberty's getpagesize on Android

[binutils-gdb] error/internal-error printing local variable during "bt full".

[binutils-gdb] Fix '-data-read-memory-bytes' typo/assertion

[binutils-gdb] Fix breakpoint size when stepping over a permanent breakpoint in GDBServer.

[binutils-gdb] Fix bug in arm_push_dummy_call by -fsanitize=address

[binutils-gdb] Fix ChangeLog entry

[binutils-gdb] Fix gdb.threads/multiple-step-overs.exp fails on arm

[binutils-gdb] Fix instruction skipping when using software single step in GDBServer

[binutils-gdb] Fix internal error when saving fast tracepoint definitions

[binutils-gdb] Fix iov_len calculation in aarch64_linux_set_debug_regs

[binutils-gdb] Fix mi-nonstop.exp with extended-remote

[binutils-gdb] Fix non stopping breakpoint on newer compilers.

[binutils-gdb] Fix out of boundary access in pass_in_v

[binutils-gdb] Fix PR63758 by using the _NSGetEnviron() API on Darwin

[binutils-gdb] Fix several crashes of C++ demangler on fuzzed input.

[binutils-gdb] Fix space-vs-tab issues in gdb/testsuite/ChangeLog.

[binutils-gdb] Fix stack buffer overflow in aarch64_extract_return_value

[binutils-gdb] Fix think-o in calls to gdb_compile.

[binutils-gdb] Fortran: allocate()d memory is uninitialized

[binutils-gdb] gdb.base/gnu_vector.exp: Don't test output from the inferior

[binutils-gdb] gdb.dwarf2: Define and use gdb_target_symbol for symbol prefixes

[binutils-gdb] gdb.dwarf2: Don't hardcode certain constants in Dwarf::assemble constructs

[binutils-gdb] gdb/dwarf2read: Minimal handling of non-constant struct sizes.

[binutils-gdb] gdb/record-full: Use xmalloc instead of alloca for temporary memory storage.

[binutils-gdb] gdb/reverse: Fix continue_to_breakpoint in syscall testcases.

[binutils-gdb] gdb/s390-linux: Step over MVCLE+JO (and similiar) as a unit.

[binutils-gdb] gdb/testsuite/gdb.trace: Deduplicate pcreg/spreg/fpreg.

[binutils-gdb] gdb/testsuite/gdb.trace: Deduplicate set_point assembly.

[binutils-gdb] gdb/testsuite: Fix left shift of negative value.

[binutils-gdb] gdb: Add process record and replay support for s390.

[binutils-gdb] gdb: Fix left shift of negative value.

[binutils-gdb] gdb: Make use of 'add_info' to create info sub-commands.

[binutils-gdb] gdb: Use class_info when creating info commands.

[binutils-gdb] gdb: Workaround bad gdbserver qSupported:xmlRegisters=i386; UnknwnFeat+ handling

[binutils-gdb] gdbserver arm: Add casts

[binutils-gdb] gdbserver crash if gdb attaches too fast

[binutils-gdb] gdbserver crash running gdb.threads/non-ldr-exc-1.exp

[binutils-gdb] gdbserver resume_stop handling bug

[binutils-gdb] gdbserver/linux: Always wake up event loop after resume

[binutils-gdb] gdbserver: don't exit until GDB disconnects

[binutils-gdb] gdbserver: fix killed-outside.exp

[binutils-gdb] gdbserver: Fix qSupported:xmlRegisters=i386; UnknownFeature+ handling

[binutils-gdb] gdbserver:prepare_access_memory: pick another thread

[binutils-gdb] guile disassembly hardcode TARGET_XFER_E_IO

[binutils-gdb] Implement N4514, C++ Extensions for Transactional Memory.

[binutils-gdb] Implement TARGET_WAITKIND_NO_RESUMED in the remote protocol

[binutils-gdb] Import zlib 1.2.8 with local change merged in.

[binutils-gdb] Improve error message for MPX bound table examinations.

[binutils-gdb] infinite loop stopping at "pop" insn on x64-windows

[binutils-gdb] infrun: Fix TARGET_WAITKIND_NO_RESUMED handling in non-stop mode

[binutils-gdb] Introduce null_block_symbol

[binutils-gdb] libiberty TAGS

[binutils-gdb] libsanitizer merge from upstream r250806, compiler part.

[binutils-gdb] linux-aarch32-low.c: Use NULL_REGSET

[binutils-gdb] linux-mips-low.c: Add casts

[binutils-gdb] linux-mips-low.c: Change "private" variable name

[binutils-gdb] linux-mips-low.c: Fix type of mips_add_watchpoint parameter

[binutils-gdb] linux-ppc-low.c: Add casts

[binutils-gdb] linux-ppc-low.c: Remove forward declaration, move ppc_arch_setup lower

[binutils-gdb] Linux: dump the signalled thread first

[binutils-gdb] List checkpoints in ascending order

[binutils-gdb] List displays in ascending order

[binutils-gdb] List inferiors/threads/pspaces in ascending order

[binutils-gdb] Make dprintf-non-stop.exp cope with remote testing

[binutils-gdb] Make gdb.python/py-inferior.exp test names unique

[binutils-gdb] MinGW and attribute format(printf/gnu_printf)

[binutils-gdb] minsyms.c: Scan backwards over all zero sized symbols.

[binutils-gdb] Modify obstack.[hc] to avoid having to include other gnulib files

[binutils-gdb] New function displaced_step_in_progress_thread

[binutils-gdb] New test gdb.arch/arm-neon.exp

[binutils-gdb] New vCtrlC packet, non-stop mode equivalent of \003

[binutils-gdb] NEWS: "info" commands now list in ascending order

[binutils-gdb] Obvious typo fix in gdb.reverse/readv-reverse.exp

[binutils-gdb] Pass value * instead of bfd_byte * to pass_* functions in aarch64-tdep.c

[binutils-gdb] PR 19051: support of inferior call with gnu vector support on ARM

[binutils-gdb] PR other/61321 - demangler crash on casts in template parameters

[binutils-gdb] Refactor arm_return_in_memory

[binutils-gdb] Refactor gdb.trace/save-trace.exp

[binutils-gdb] Refactor queries for hardware and software single stepping support in GDBServer.

[binutils-gdb] Remote all-stop-on-top-of-non-stop

[binutils-gdb] Remote thread create/exit events

[binutils-gdb] remote-sim.c: Add casts

[binutils-gdb] remote.c: Add missing cast

[binutils-gdb] remote: stop reason and watchpoint data address per thread

[binutils-gdb] Remove d10v from testsuite

[binutils-gdb] Remove support for thread events without PTRACE_EVENT_CLONE in GDBServer.

[binutils-gdb] Remove too simple breakpoint_reinsert_addr implementations.

[binutils-gdb] Replace long int * cast with PTRACE_TYPE_RET *

[binutils-gdb] Silence obstack.c -Wc++compat warning

[binutils-gdb] sim: always enable modulo memory

[binutils-gdb] sim: avr: move global state to sim/cpu state

[binutils-gdb] sim: avr: switch to common sim-reg

[binutils-gdb] sim: clean up redundant objects

[binutils-gdb] sim: common: add PRI printf defines

[binutils-gdb] sim: common: set up CPPFLAGS/CXXFLAGS/LDFLAGS from configure [PR sim/18762]

[binutils-gdb] sim: cr16/d10v: drop redundant call to sim_create_inferior

[binutils-gdb] sim: cr16/d10v: localize translation funcs

[binutils-gdb] sim: cr16: convert to common sim engine logic

[binutils-gdb] sim: cr16: convert to common sim memory modules

[binutils-gdb] sim: cr16: delete unused memory helpers

[binutils-gdb] sim: cr16: drop global callback state

[binutils-gdb] sim: cr16: push down sd/cpu vars

[binutils-gdb] sim: cr16: switch to common sim-reg

[binutils-gdb] sim: d10v: convert to common sim engine logic

[binutils-gdb] sim: d10v: drop global callback state

[binutils-gdb] sim: d10v: push down sd/cpu vars

[binutils-gdb] sim: h8300: convert to common sim_{reason,stop}

[binutils-gdb] sim: h8300: delete global callback/kind/name

[binutils-gdb] sim: h8300: drop unused littleendian variable

[binutils-gdb] sim: m32c: add a basic testsuite

[binutils-gdb] sim: m32c: drop redundant dependency info

[binutils-gdb] sim: m32c: move test code to testsuite

[binutils-gdb] sim: mcore: add a fail testcase

[binutils-gdb] sim: mcore: convert to common reason/resume logic

[binutils-gdb] sim: mcore: pull cpu state out of global scope

[binutils-gdb] sim: mcore: switch to common sim-reg

[binutils-gdb] sim: mn10300/v850: drop unused WITH_CORE define

[binutils-gdb] sim: mn10300: drop global callback handle

[binutils-gdb] sim: ppc: avoid use of $< in ordinary rules [PR sim/13834]

[binutils-gdb] sim: sh: delete global callback/argv

[binutils-gdb] sim: sim-close: unify sim_close logic

[binutils-gdb] sim: sim-close: use XCONCAT2 helper

[binutils-gdb] sim: sim-stop/sim-reason/sim-reg: move to common obj list

[binutils-gdb] sim: sim_do_commandf: fix call to va_end [PR sim/19273]

[binutils-gdb] sim: testsuite: support basic vars in flags

[binutils-gdb] solib-darwin: support PIE for spawned processes.

[binutils-gdb] sparc: fix build of gdb/testsuite/gdb.arch/sparc-sysstep.c

[binutils-gdb] target.h: #include <sys/types.h>.

[binutils-gdb] target_ops mask_watchpoint: change int to target_hw_bp_type

[binutils-gdb] testsuite: Define and use gdb_target_symbol_prefix_flags_asm.

[binutils-gdb] testsuite: Range stepping and non-stop mode

[binutils-gdb] Type-safe wrapper for enum flags

[binutils-gdb] Update the RX simulator to handle the latest opcode types.

[binutils-gdb] Use ${frames_invalid} in gdb.cp/annota2.exp

[binutils-gdb] Use aarch64_decode_insn in aarch64_analyze_prologue

[binutils-gdb] Use aarch64_decode_insn in aarch64_displaced_step_copy_insn

[binutils-gdb] Use ELF_STRING_ARM_unwind in arm-tdep.c

[binutils-gdb] Use gdb_byte * instead of void * in push_stack_item

[binutils-gdb] Use multi_line to make pattern more human readable

[binutils-gdb] Use value_contents instead of value_contents_writeable

[binutils-gdb] xtensa: Add missing statics

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