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src gdb/doc/ChangeLog gdb/doc/ gdb/ ...

CVSROOT:	/cvs/src
Module name:	src
Changes by:	2006-05-05 18:26:14

Modified files:
	gdb/doc        : ChangeLog gdb.texinfo 
	readline       : CHANGELOG CHANGES ChangeLog.gdb INSTALL 
	                 MANIFEST README aclocal.m4 bind.c 
	                 callback.c chardefs.h complete.c 
	                 configure display.c emacs_keymap.c 
	                 funmap.c histexpand.c histfile.c history.c 
	                 history.h histsearch.c input.c isearch.c 
	                 keymaps.c kill.c macro.c mbutil.c misc.c nls.c 
	                 parens.c posixdir.h readline.c readline.h 
	                 rldefs.h rlmbutil.h rlprivate.h rlstdc.h 
	                 rltty.c rltty.h rltypedefs.h savestring.c 
	                 search.c shell.c signals.c terminal.c text.c 
	                 tilde.c tilde.h undo.c util.c vi_keymap.c 
	readline/doc   : ChangeLog.gdb history.3 
	                 inc-hist.texinfo readline.3 texi2dvi 
	readline/examples: ChangeLog.gdb histexamp.c rl.c 
	                   rlcat.c rltest.c rlversion.c 
	readline/shlib : 
	readline/support: shlib-install shobj-conf 
Removed files:
	readline       : acconfig.h 
	readline/doc   : hist.texinfo history.pdf hstech.texinfo 
	                 hsuser.texinfo manvers.texinfo readline.pdf 
	                 rlman.texinfo rltech.texinfo rluser.texinfo 
	                 rluserman.pdf rluserman.texinfo 
	readline/examples: rlfe.c 

Log message:
	Readline 5.1 import for HEAD.


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