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src/gdb ChangeLog aix-thread.c alpha-tdep.c ar ...

CVSROOT:	/cvs/src
Module name:	src
Changes by:	2004-07-24 01:00:22

Modified files:
	gdb            : ChangeLog aix-thread.c alpha-tdep.c 
	                 arm-linux-nat.c armnbsd-nat.c go32-nat.c 
	                 hppa-linux-nat.c i386-linux-nat.c 
	                 i386-nto-tdep.c infptrace.c m68k-tdep.c 
	                 m68klinux-nat.c mips-linux-tdep.c 
	                 mipsnbsd-tdep.c nto-procfs.c ppc-linux-nat.c 
	                 ppcnbsd-tdep.c regcache.c regcache.h remote.c 
	                 rs6000-nat.c shnbsd-tdep.c sol-thread.c 

Log message:
	2004-07-23  Andrew Cagney  <>
	Use regcache_raw_collect instead of regcache_collect.
	* regcache.h (regcache_collect): Delete declaration.
	* regcache.c (regcache_colect): Delete function.
	* win32-nat.c (do_child_store_inferior_registers): Update.
	* sol-thread.c (sol_thread_store_registers): Update.
	* shnbsd-tdep.c (shnbsd_fill_reg): Update.
	* rs6000-nat.c (store_register): Update.
	* remote.c (store_register_using_P, remote_store_registers): Update.
	* ppcnbsd-tdep.c (ppcnbsd_fill_reg): Update.
	* ppc-linux-nat.c (store_altivec_register, store_spe_register)
	(fill_vrregset, store_spe_registers, fill_gregset)
	(fill_gregset): Update.
	* nto-procfs.c (procfs_store_registers): Update.
	* mipsnbsd-tdep.c (mipsnbsd_fill_reg): Update.
	* mips-linux-tdep.c (fill_gregset, mips64_fill_gregset): Update.
	* m68klinux-nat.c (store_register, fill_gregset): Update.
	* m68k-tdep.c (fill_gregset): Update.
	* infptrace.c (store_register): Update.
	* i386-nto-tdep.c (i386nto_regset_fill): Update.
	* i386-linux-nat.c (store_register, fill_gregset): Update.
	* hppa-linux-nat.c (fill_gregset): Update.
	* go32-nat.c (store_register): Update.
	* armnbsd-nat.c (store_register, store_regs, store_fp_register)
	(store_fp_regs): Update.
	* arm-linux-nat.c (store_nwfpe_single, store_nwfpe_double)
	(store_nwfpe_extended, store_fpregister, store_fpregs)
	(store_register, store_regs, fill_gregset, fill_fpregset): Update.
	* alpha-tdep.c (alpha_fill_int_regs, alpha_fill_fp_regs): Update.
	* aix-thread.c (fill_gprs64, fill_fprs, fill_sprs64, fill_sprs32)
	(store_regs_user_thread, store_regs_kernel_thread): Update.


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