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source of powerpc-rtems failure

I have narrowed this down about as far as I can without getting some
advice. :) It is a bug in the bfd/ script and easy to
reproduce in binutils 2.9.

Here's how:

mkdir build
../binutils-2.9/bfd/configure --target=powerpc-rtems

Edit the generated Makefile and search for "tdefaults".  It will look like

tdefaults =  -DDEFAULT_VECTOR=bfd_elf32_powerpc_vec
-DHAVE_bfd_elf32_powerpc_vec -DHAVE_rs6000coff_vec
-DHAVE_bfd_elf32_powerpcle_vec -DHAVE_bfd_powerpcle_pei_vec
-DHAVE_bfd_powerpc_pei_vec -DHAVE_bfd_powerpcle_pe_vec
-DHAVE_bfd_powerpc_pe_vec -DHAVE_ppcboot_vec

Then clean the build directory and try this one:

../binutils-2.9/bfd/configure --target=powerpc-rtems --enable-targets=all

And the definition of tdefaults is changed to:

tdefaults =  -DDEFAULT_VECTOR=bfd_elf32_powerpc_vec

I am going to try to fix this here but thought this might be enough to
trip someone into know what the problem was.