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Re: binutils 2.9 powerpc-rtems breakage

   Date: Tue, 14 Apr 1998 12:39:55 -0500 (CDT)
   From: Joel Sherrill <>

   Anyway, I put the gcc command line in a script and then monkeyed with the
   arguments.  It looks like -mlittle is enough by itself to break it.  It
   breaks with all the arguments, just -mlittle, but works will the args
   minus -mlittle.   See this output from my test script:


   The only things which vary are the arguments:

   In (1), -mlittle -mrelocatable-lib -mno-eabi
   In (2), -mlittle
   In (3), -mrelocatable-lib -mno-eabi

   (1) and (2) report the error.

   Any ideas on what to look at?

Well, first try to recreate it by invoking gas directly, without
getting involved with gcc.

Once you can do that, set a breakpoint on output_file_create in gas,
and see what format it is passing to bfd_openw, and see why that
format is not defined by BFD.