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Re: binutils 2.9 is broken on x86

>    $ ./xgcc -mcoff -B./ -O3 /tmp/980329-1.c
>    /usr/tmp/cca000Yh.s: Assembler messages:
>    /usr/tmp/cca000Yh.s:75: Error: register does not match opcode suffix
>    The GAS I use is the one from the binutils 2.9 candidates area. I think
> Whoops, you're right.  I was confused.  gas does catch this particular
> error, and has done so since day one.  I was mistakenly thinking that
> something else was going on here.

egcs emits something bad, but gas and sco as both correctly vomit on it.
H.J. has submitted a patch to fix the egcs problem.

So in all this hysteria, there is nothing broken that we didn't already
know about and we can all feel good about each piece of software
involved, right?

Case closed, or is there another problem here?