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New release candidate

I've put a new binutils-2.9 release candidate on

It is the same as the last one, plus the appended changes.  The gprof
change means that the gprof generated .c files are now included in the
release.  The changes are relatively minor--I don't see any particular
need for anybody who has already tested the last release candidate to
also test this one.



Tue Apr  7 12:35:18 1998  Ian Lance Taylor  <>

	* archures.c (bfd_default_scan): Add m68k cases back to default
	switch, reverting patch of March 25, since IEEE support depends
	upon them.


Tue Apr  7 12:43:37 1998  Ian Lance Taylor  <>

	From <H.J. Lu>:
	* (diststuff): New target.
	* Rebuild.


Tue Apr  7 12:50:17 1998  Manfred Hollstein  <>

	* ld-cdtest/cdtest-foo.h (class Foo): Declare len to be static to
	avoid compiler warning.
	* ld-srec/ (class Foo): Likewise.