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Re: gas-980313 mips64orion problems

On 14 Mar 1998, Ken Raeburn wrote:

> I need to catch up on bug-gnu-utils for, say, the last month -- since
> just before Ian left on his vacation.  Then I'll make a branch, we can
> try a last round or two of testing, and it'll go.

Sounds good.  I want to make a public RTEMS release sometime before May.
We are transitioning RTEMS away from the www/ftp site the Army distributed
it on to one at my company's site. We are scheduled to have it it place
sometime in April and want to debut the next RTEMS release from there.  I
just was hoping the tools would be in great shape by then.  It sounds like
they will be.

FYI binutils 2.8.1 will not even compile one-tree style builds for at
least the powerpc.

> I also want to check with a few people not on this list about changes
> for specific OSes and such, to make sure they're complete.  And my
> nightly test runs at Cygnus had been bombing out for a while,
> hopefully I've got them fixed too.

Sounds reasonable.