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Re: how to handle incompatible things in libtool?

> will probably have to include a test of gcc and see if it supports
> -belf.  If it's gcc and if -belf works, add it.  If it's gcc and -belf
> fails, don't.  If it's not gcc, add -belf.  
> But these seem to be generated files.   If anyone can offer hints what
> they're generated *from*, I think I can submit a successful patch.

Here's where I am so far.

There's a GNU package called "libtool" which contains the source        
strings that get edited into this stuff.                                

Libtool is the package that needs to know all this.  So I have to
go give libtool all the knowledge of all the compiler options and 
then use that modified libtool to rebuild the binutils package.