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how to handle incompatible things in libtool?

Now it's time for me to pay the piper...

The SCO OpenServer compiler uses -bcoff, the default, and -belf to flip
between the two modes.  For years, there has been a well-distributed
version of GCC for OpenServer (but never an "official" one until very
recently).  Unfortunately, the newer versions use "-melf", the default,
and "-mcoff" to toggle between the modes.

I've been a derelect in checking GAS snapshots, but they don't do well
on this target on my host becuase they're finding GCC (egcs 1.0.1) and
they "know" to add -belf, which sends configure down in flames.

I'm guessing that I need to beat on these aclocal.m4 files, but they
look to be machine generated.

  # On SCO OpenServer 5, we need -belf to get full-featured binaries.
  CFLAGS="$CFLAGS -belf"

will probably have to include a test of gcc and see if it supports
-belf.  If it's gcc and if -belf works, add it.  If it's gcc and -belf
fails, don't.  If it's not gcc, add -belf.  

But these seem to be generated files.   If anyone can offer hints what
they're generated *from*, I think I can submit a successful patch.


Robert Lipe