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pushl computed immediate address on 2.8.1

I was thinking this was a bug in the SCO x86 assembler becuase it worked
under GAS for Linux.   However, after some prodding form the egcs folks 
that really know PIC, I'm wondering if this is actually a construct that 
GAS should produce an error for becuase GCC shouldn't emit it.

The problem is that 

	pushl $.LC0@GOTOFF(%ebx)

seems to assemble just like

	pushl $LC0

so it ends up generating an push of an absolute address once the 
linker gets done with it.

Does this sound right at all?    Should GAS error on this?

Here's a short "hello, world" in PIC to exercise the issue.



	.file	"test.c"
	.section	.rodata
	.string	"Hello, World\n"

	.align 4
	.globl main
	.type	 main,@function
	pushl %ebp
	movl %esp,%ebp
	pushl %ebx
	call .L2
	popl %ebx
	addl $_GLOBAL_OFFSET_TABLE_+[.-.L2],%ebx

// This is the aproach that works, and is what GCC should emit.
// registers
	leal .LC0@GOTOFF(%ebx),%eax
	pushl %eax
	call printf@PLT

// This what GCC does emit, but seems to be nonsensical.
// assembler.
	pushl $.LC0@GOTOFF(%ebx)
	call printf@PLT

	movl -4(%ebp),%ebx
	movl %ebp,%esp
	popl %ebp
	.size	 main,.-main