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Re: global vars and symbol visibility for mips32/elf

    To my best knowledge it never did, as optind is normally initialized
    (e.g. to 1) and not a common but a data definition, so that all
    commons with this name are resolved against the definition in  the

optind in that test program is a common symbol.  A common symbol is
not undefined, and there is no need for ld to resolve it.  

Perhaps some ld programs treat a common symbol as undefined in this
situation.  If so, that seems like a bug to me.  If a symbol such as
optind is common, and a library member contains a definition of
optind, that in itself should not cause that library member to be
linked in.

Implementing this behavior will fix that test case.  If shared
libraries are made to mimic unshared libraries as regards which
definitions are taken from them, that test cae will work with shared
libraries too.