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Re: Please test the binutils 2.7 release

On Thu, 4 Jul 1996, Ian Lance Taylor wrote:

> I've made the branch for the binutils 2.7 release.  Ken will set up
> the snapshot script so that tomorrow's snapshot, and all snapshots
> until the final release, will come from the branch.

I am going to be unable to test any more this week.

As best I can tell, the CPU-rtems configurations are OK.  I have built 
sparc-rtems, powerpc-rtems, m68k-rtems (until gcc's ss-90707 died), 
and i386-rtems.  

I have actually linked and run code generated by the sparc-rtems
configuration on an embedded target. I have not had enough time to do more
than see if the toolchain will build the rtems configurations of gcc
ss-96070, this binutils snapshot and newlib-1.7.0+rtems builds in the one
tree configuration.