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Re: libiberty question

On Tue, 9 Jul 1996, Ian Lance Taylor wrote:

>    config/mt-rtems which had the following:
> I tend to think that you will be better off providing both those
> files.

Right now almost every header file we have is directly from newlib.  
Looking at the Solaris versions of these two, it will be a while before 
we could do them.  I think the vxworks configuration made a good decision 

> The way libiberty configures itself is to link programs and try to
> figure out what is missing.  VxWorks, however, is unusual, in that
> programs are never fully linked.  Instead, relocateable object files
> are downloaded into the VxWorks system, which completes the link as it
> loads the object.  VxWorks provides the basic libc functions.  The
> effect of this is that the libiberty configuration method is useless,
> because it is not possible to fully link a program, and thus it is not
> possible to figure out what is present and what is missing.  The
> special VxWorks configuration handling in libiberty is used to get
> around that problem.
> If RTEMS has similar characteristics, then a similar solution will be
> required.  In the more normal case, however, it will not.

RTEMS applications are normally fully linked so libiberty's configuration 
method should work.

With the addition of the mt-rtems file, sparc-rtems built and installed 
successfully.  It will be used in the next RTEMS testing cycle.  I am 
building the m68k now.