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Re: fat binaries ?

>>>>> "H" == H J Lu <> writes:

    >>  hallo, just a silly question out of curiosity:
    >> are there plans to include the functionality to produce 'fat
    >> binaries' into the linux c compilers ?  i mean the ability to
    >> automaticaly crosscompile for different linux platforms and
    >> bind everything into one binary? i think this would be very
    >> nice for commercial companies that will only provide binaries.

    H> I doubt if it will ever be supported directly. Maybe a front
    H> end?

FWIW, I seem to remember one of NeXT's engineers saying at a NeXTWORLD
conference that NeXT had patented fat binaries "for defensive
reasons".  I haven't seen the patent, and my memory of that conference
is a bit fuzzy, so don't take my word for it.