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Re: possible bug in bfd/sunos.c

   Date: Tue, 28 May 1996 10:50:25 -0500 (CDT)
   From: Joel Sherrill <>

   I am configured for sparc-rtems which is essentially the same as 
   sparc-aout with different CPP_PREDEFINES.  I use the following assembly 
   file (cut down to the point of uselessness :) ):

	   sethi   %hi(stack_space + 16 * 1024), %g1
	   call      _main

	   .comm   stack_space, 16 * 1024

   I then run this script on it:

   sparc-rtems-as -o test.o test.s
   sparc-rtems-ld test.o

   and get the following message:

   bfd assertion fail ../../src/bfd/sunos.c:1839

If you configure for a SunOS target, the linker will automatically
generate a shared library if there are any undefined symbols in the
link.  This odd behaviour is for compatibility with the SunOS linker.

In the current snapshots, the sparc-aout target does not have this
behaviour, since shared libraries are not useful for embedded systems,
but in 2.6 the sparc-aout target is the same as SunOS.

In your example, the linker is created a shared library.

The assertion failure you are getting is, as you guessed, a bug in the
assertion condition.  You can just replace the BFD_ASSERT with one
from a current snapshot to avoid it.  It is likely, though, that you
do not want to create a shared library at all.