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Re: From darkness of ignorance

Bhushit Joshipura wrote:
> Hello all,
> Please put me to right track for the following bunch of thoughts:
> 0. Till now it was embedded and if had an OS, it had to be RT
> 1. Then we had WindowCE and RT blurred
> 2. And there are more non-realtime, priority based OS's emerging: PalmOS is
> one more to consider. Till now Palm has not gone 'out of hand' but may go
> anytime
> 3. Thus 'embedded' is getting bigger than 'RT' and calls for precise lining.
> Soon we will be engulfed with products which are embedded but not so much RT
> So, you must feel OK with the following points:
> 0. RTOS are going to become (or HAVE become) part of embedded OS
> 1. API fixation of embedded OS thus have to consider 'slimming down' as
> priority
> 2. RT API will be just a special case of embedded API
> In this light, may I now ask the question:
> Which API standardization are we discussing in this group? Embedded or RT?
> -Bhushit Joshipura

Hi Bhushit,

I think EL/IX can serve both the embedded and RT world.  In many cases,
as you say yourself the line can be blurred.  I feel it should be
possible for deterministic hard real-time OS's to provide a method to
conform to at least a subset of the EL/IX specification.  

For these reasons, I think this list is an appropriate place to discuss
the API for all systems seeking to provide some level of compliance,
including RT systems.

Regards, Stuart

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