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Re: RTLinux workshop and EL/IX press coverage on EETimes

Stuart Hughes <> writes:

> You're right, if a realtime task made a call to a Linux kernel service,
> is not longer running at a realtime priority and this would need to be
> made very clear.  One of the ideas we had was to reserve a group of
> priorities that would be 'kernel priority', and say that any RT task
> calling these services must run at kernel priority, to enforce this we
> would need some checking (maybe simply forcing the need to link to a
> library).  At the moment, this is only an idea, but I would love to see
> some kind of transparent access to the Linux kernel from RT to make the
> programmer feel that he/she is developing in a coherent environment.

I think this is important. The "two level" model that currently exists
is, as someone on /. said yesterday, a bit of a hack. The more that
can be done to produce a single seamless programmer model the better.

> As you mention, the C library is also a problem and there is a need for
> (and we have been exploring) a libc_rt.a library.  Already some brave
> people have been linking in some of the static libraries into their
> applications (libm.a is common).  Generally this works, but at the end
> of that day you need to know what you are letting yourself in for.
> BTW Nick, can you let me have another e-mail address for you
> ( has been bouncing).

Really? That is my canonical address and should work. You can try, but that is really just a forward to my .uk address.

It may be that you are accidentally being zapped by out spam filter.
I have just talked to our sysadmin and that is exactly what is
happening. It appears that your IP address is in a range that someone
sometime decided we didn't like. Probably as a result of spam from
another user of your ISP. It should be fixed now. If you get any more
bounces, let me know.

Nick Garnett 
Cygnus Solutions, UK

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