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Re: eCos Configuration Tool patch for building against wxWidgets 2.6.x

On Mittwoch, 26. März 2008, John Dallaway wrote:
> The copyright documentation has now been processed by the FSF and I have
> checked in Andy Jackson's patch to support building of the eCos
> Configuration Tool against wxWidgets 2.6.x. I have made minor changes to
> allow the patch to apply correctly to current sources.
> John Dallaway
> eCosCentric Limited

Hi John, hi Andy!

I had a look at the patch and it looks good, but I am not happy with the

#if wxCHECK_VERSION(2, 6, 0)
	"new thing"
	"old thing"


These do not make the source code easy to read and they are not really 
neccessary. All these "new thing" stuff is compatible with wxWidgets 2.4 and 
maybe even below that version. wxWidgets 2.4 supports both, the "old thing" 
and the "new thing". "old thing" was already deprecated in 2.4 and only 
supported for backward compatibility. In 2.6 it got removed. So for 2.6 and 
above (we are at 2.8.7 now) the "new thing" has to be used.
That means without these macros and only using the "new thing" we are at least 
backward compatible until wxWidgets 2.4. Isn't that sufficient ? wxWidgets 
2.4 is from 2003. And if there are configtool binaries around, these are 
statically linked and so there is no problem with the wxWidgets library 

Please think about that, it makes the sourcecode easier (to read and maintain)


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