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Re: RE :Bug in CtrlC handling when sharing Ethernet btwRedboot/eCos

On Tue, 2004-11-02 at 03:19, Arnaud Chataignier wrote:
> The solution works. Here is the corresponding patch.
> To eCos maintainers : my opinion is that it should be included in CVS
> tree to provide an always working ctrlc when ethernet is shared between
> eCos app and Redboot/stubs. The drawback is the break always occuring in
> the function cyg_hal_user_break(), but it is still useful since the user
> can then navigate between the different threads with the 'thread
> awreness' functionality included in stubs/GDB. This drawback is
> unfortunately necessary since it's not possible with the current
> Ethernet driver architecture, to check Ethernet frames directly in the
> ISR, which would be necessary for a cleaner solution.

While I agree in principle with the problem, the proposed solution
(a shared global "flag") is not very elegant.  A much better solution
would be to pass the context to HAL_CTRLC_CHECK (i.e. add a third
parameter).  Since there are only 6 places this is used in the eCos
codebase, this is a pretty minor change.

Gary Thomas <>
MLB Associates

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