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Re: Contribution of a DHCP server (µDHCP) port to eCOS

Bart Veer wrote:

    jifl> To other maintainers, I have a suggestion in general: to add
    jifl> a new and separate CVS module called ecos-gpl, which has
    jifl> full GPL'd (or LGPL'd) stuff in. This is not checked out by
    jifl> default, nor would the packages in it be part of the
    jifl> standard set in a full eCos release (not without explicit
    jifl> user effort so they can recognise the license implications).
    jifl> Users can use the functionality added not so long ago to
    jifl> specify multiple ecos repositories if needed, although I
    jifl> think the wxwindows config tool may still not have been
    jifl> updated?

I believe the configtool accepts an ECOS_REPOSITORY environment
variable with multiple entries, but the dialog(s) relating to this
setting still assume a single entry. So it works as long as you have
set your environment correctly and don't want to switch repositories

The eCos Configuration Tool does not currently support multiple repositories in any shape or form. I took a look at this a while back and concluded that it would require significant effort to add such support elegantly since the GUI tool uses the specified eCos location to find documentation as well as the source code repository.

John Dallaway

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