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Re: Assignment query

Andrew Lunn wrote:
 > On Thu, Aug 26, 2004 at 04:03:03PM -0700, Kumar, Vivek wrote:

Hi Andrew,

After some negotiation and emails it seems that the management is ok with me
putting my flash driver code in open source. I talked to my manager and he
said the email from them saying "Go Ahead With This" (Attached) will
suffice. Do I still need to get more stuff from them.

Jifl should give the final word on this, but i would prefer it if the
company signed the normal paperwork.

Certainly from eCosCentric's POV, we cannot accept contribution assignments without the normal paperwork. Red Hat will be the same otherwise they, like us, would have accepted contribution assignments via email long time ago.

-- Alex

Also I was thinking if I rewrite the drivers at home from scratch, can I put
them in open source. Is there a standard letter I can send the management
saying I am working from home on something similar and if they are OK with

You should check your contract. Some contracts say that everything you
do is theres, no matter if you do it at work or at home. Since we
don't know what your contract says, we prefer to have an agreement
from your employer anyway, just to be safe.


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